Creative request form

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With the enhanced service level, we will have a brief phone conversation with you to discuss how you want your spot to look. The spot will be developed and shared with your email for approval. At this time, you will have one revision for us to make small adjustments or corrections to your piece.

The template with customization service level allows you to select a template from our template library, insert your own text and images where the template allows, trim the template to the length of your spot, and make other small customization. We will call you to discuss the options with the templates that you like, and you will get two revisions allowing us to make small adjustments or corrections to your piece.

The complete custom motion graphic requires a detailed consultation to understand what you want to create, and allows for a completely custom experience. This service level is billed by the hour, and allows for as many adjustments and revisions as you wish.

Please provide us with a good contact number, the days of the week you will be there, and a time window that would work well for contacting you.

To help us prepare for our phone call, can you please upload your logo and any other graphical elements that will be applicable to this spot. If you have more than one image, please zip them into a single file and upload the zip file.

To help us prepare for our phone call, please give a detailed description of how you would like your spot to look, transitions you like, explain how you would like your images to be used, etc.

Thank you, please submit the form and we will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your spot and the timeframe for creating it!

The basic service level only includes email correspondence and does not allow for a phone consultation, so please be as descriptive as possible in how you want your spot to look. You will get a single preview of your spot and be allowed to make minor changes and corrections one time. We will email you for more information if your description is not descriptive enough.

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